Reflection for Holy Week

Things Are Different Now

I wish I knew then,

what I know now –

how precious time was

as he walked among us.

There were crowds and questions,

the excitement of hearing and seeing,

and some so blessed to know his touch.

How quickly things can change,

all in the blink of an eye!

From cheers to jeers,

from faith to fear,

from celebrations to mourning.

I wish I knew then,

what I know now –

how precious all time is

as, still, he dwells among us.

No crowds now, but questions remain.

No chance to gather and hear and see

in ways we have always known.

Things are different now.

The days are long,

the nights are dark –

now testing times are here.

Fears still need their release,

hands still long to be held,

and in private mourning,

death is keenly felt.

Things are different now.

With those who once waited,

we must wait,


in the life which will rise again.

For we will declare

now, as before,

that he is risen –

he is risen indeed!

Rev Dr Lezley Stewart