Southend Parish


The parish of Southend covers @400 square miles at the southern tip of Kintyre, looking across the sea to Ireland which is twelve miles away. This is traditionally dairy country and farming still lies at the heart of life here.

St Columba landed here in 563AD, bringing Christianity to the west of Scotland. The rock near the landing site has carved into it two footprints, where Columba is said to have stood. Every year a service is held here on the Sunday nearest 9th June (St Columba’s Day). Southend is part of the St Columba pilgrimage route and also forms part of the Kintyre Way long distance path.

Paul and Linda McCartney also visited Southend regularly and the famous ‘Mull of Kintyre’ song was reportedly written during their time here.

The present church building, which is the third on the site, was built in 1774, and is dedicated to St Blaan. We meet for worship every Sunday and organise activities for all ages during the week. There are regular ‘fresh expressions’ of Church, sometimes held in Dunaverty Hall, in the village centre, the church building itself being approximately half mile north of the village.

Our Mission Statement:

To worship God and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus in a relevant way to our community, by reaching out with practical help and living faith.

Everyone is welcome to join in our activities.

Sunday Worship:               11.30am

Tuesday Club:                    Tuesdays at 2.00pm

Discussion Group:             Wednesdays at 7.30pm

Guild:                                     Wednesdays at 2.30pm monthly

SKY youth group:              Fridays at 7.00pm